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PaceSoft Ltd provide a software development environment that allows engineers to monitor and control both simple and complex industrial systems.

With experience from single simple process control to complex PID and factory integration across a range of industries, PaceSoft engineers and products are leading the field in industrial application development.

No other vendor is able to offer the unique combination of industry experience and flexibility in software application development to meet your business needs.

Pacesoft have been providing software and services to industry for over 20 years, and here are some of our clents:-

ACC, AGC Ltd., Anca Electrocoat, Basel Polymers, BOCM Pauls, Bombardier Aerospace, Butterley Brick, Callender Aerospace, Deritend, Domo, Ecoat Ltd, Enviromech Design, Foleshill Metal Finishing, Hanson Brick, Heritage Bathrooms, Howmet, Ibstock, JCB, Johnson Matthey, Knight and Fowler, Land Rover, Lynwood, Malcolms Enamellers, Metafin Group, Monro Shock Absorbers, York Brick, Parkinson Spencer Refractories, Pemex, Porpoise Viscometers, Profin, Quinn Radiators, Russell Castings, South Wales Transformers, Sport Carrier, Spring Ram Bathrooms, Thyssyn Krupps, Twyfords, VBG, Washington Mills, York Hand Made Brick

Even if you already use GRX, visit the Downloads section to get the latest version and any updates that are available.

Mobile devices (such as iPhone, iPod Touch and Netbooks) can easily view data provided by a GRX based system.

Complete project skeletons are available (in the Downloads section) that have been tailored for WEST and VERTEX instruments and ZELIO controllers.

1st December 2009:- Profile Editor/Generator Project Skeletons issued for WEST and VERTEX instruments.

9th December 2009:- Preconfigured project skeletons issued for CAL Controls Temperature Controllers.

7th January 2010:- Build id 091217 released.

11th Febuary 2010:- Build id 100205 released.

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