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Allen-Bradley Ethernet Handler

The following files must be downloaded:-

GRX_DEV This gives you the basic development software.
GCH_ABE Allen-Bradley Ethernet Handler

The following files are not required, but significantly extend the image and drawing libraries:-

GRX_IML Main image library. Contains lots of bitmaps.
BUT_SC1 Button Generator Standard Colours.
The standard (named) colours such as SLATE GREY are defined in this library as shading for the text used within buttons.
DRW_INF Drawing Library (Infills).
This library extends the variable level infills already provided by GRX. A variety of borders can be chosen, and a scale line can be added.
DRW_HST Drawing Library (Histograms).
This uses variable level fills to create simple bar graphs and trends.
DRW_GRD Drawing Library (Data Grids).
This library provides some simple grids to display numeric and text data, and also to edit the data using either a pop-up box or keypad.
DRW_FAN Drawing Library (Fans).
This library extends the fan animations available.
DRW_INF Drawing Library (Infills).
This library extends the variable infills that are available.
DRW_TIM Drawing Library (Time Edit Panels).
This library provides pop-up panels to edit times and durations. The library includes code to actually implement the timers.
DRW_AED Drawing Library (Text Edit Panels).
This library provides pop-up panels to edit lines to text using a virtual keyboard suitable for touchscreens.
DRW_EML Drawing Library (E-Mail Fault Reports).
This library provides pop-up panels to enable e-mails to be sent that automatically include information from the alarm log.

These files are intended for more advanced users:-

GRX_CFG Configuration schema.
This allows you to change the appearance of the development software. Usefull when a high contrast schema is required for editting.
GRX_ELT Function block editor support libraries.
The edittor will work without this, but some editting functions will not be available.
The function block edittor is used when creating your own function blocks. As there are over twelve thousand function blocks installed, you probably will be able to skip this one.
GRX_INS Application Installer Wizard files.
This is only required if you wish to distribute an application's run-time files as a self-installing EXE file. Such an application still requires registration.
RST_WIZ While you are modifing a GRX application, backup copies of drawings, evaluation code etc. are created. If you need to restore a file after a botched edit, this wizard may help.
IDE_FWZ Font Wizard.
This wizard copes with the problem of moving an application between platforms when some of the fonts used in the orignal application are not available.
IDE_CCHK Code Checker.
This wizard scans your code and identifies some poor programming and also offers suggestions for function blocks that could be used.
IDE_DRW1 Drawing Positioning Wizard.
This wizard helps you to arrange the drawings that make up a GRX project. It can also help when moving applications between systems.
IDE_CWZ Colour Wizard.
This wizard helps when systematic colour changes have to be made.
MRG_WIZ Merge Wizard.
This wizard helps when two drawings have to be combined.

Installing the Software

  • Download the files to an appropriate folder.
  • Execute (Run) the GRX_DEV.EXE file. This will run any other files you have downloaded.

Any additional components can be downloaded and installed as required.

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