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All the examples have been abstracted from actual systems.


Here is a small section of a production line overview. The actual overview is very large. GRX allows the designer flexibility in how graphic screens are organised. This system uses a scroll bar to pan the view. Other systems split the monitored process into several pages, and one system presented a entire factory as an A0 sheet with user selected zoom-in views. This later system replaced a competitor's product that required constant page changes to monitor the process since some adjacent equipment ended up on different pages with no pan facility.

In the example above, all graphics shown are available in the libraries provided with GRX. GRX can use simple lines, polygons and curves to create mimics, but the presentation becomes much more effective when combined with bitmap graphics.
The example has used simple polygons for the burners and bitmap graphics for the motors.

Here is a section showing a different style of drawing.


Different strategies can be employed to provide control. There is the simple point-and-click interface that is suitable for a lot of applications. This only really allows the user to toggle the state of an item (e.g. start/stop).

GRX allows the designer to create virtually any style of control interface.


This shows a pop-up control panel associated with a motorised valve. In the application, the user clicks on the valve and the control panel pops up beside it. In this case, the buttons allow the valve to be driven open, closed and the drive to be stopped.

Here is another pop-up panel from the same application. This one is being used to set up the parameters for a PID controller. Simple up/down buttons are used to alter parameter values.


Pop-up control panels really become usefull when a touchscreen is being used. When control buttons are placed on a screen used for monitoring, they need to be larger when a touchscreen is used. By placing them in a control panel, the buttons can be made as large as required.

Touchscreens can present some interface design problems. GRX provides the designer with virtual keyboards for numeric and text entry as library components.


A final example that shows a system installed on a panel PC.

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