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http://www.connect-it.co.uk Connect it UK Ltd
http://www.drrheology.com DrRheology Ltd
http://www.lemindustries.co.uk LEM Industries Ltd

Other Software

Here are some pieces of software that might be usefull:-

http://emfprinter.sourceforge.net/ This is virtual printer that creates EMF files as its output. EMF files are scaleable and can be used by GRX.
http:/etrusoft.com/ Easy Graphic Convertor converts BMP, GIF, JPEG and other formats to WMF files.
http://jansfreeware.com/ On this site you can find Diagrams. This is a good documentation tool. If you are using Vista, you will need to set up a shortcut and specify that the program is to run in XP compatiblity mode.
http://www.debugmode.com/wink/ Despite its rather odd name, this is one of the best tools for creating tutorials and manuals. It works as a screen capture program, and you can add captions before producing Flash player animation, or a PDF file.
http://7-zip.org Completely free, this handles many different archive formats. Works well under Vista.
http://xitami.com This is a free web server. There doesn't seem to be much documentation but it works well.

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